Even so… she remains a leader ~ thank you, Lord!

Even in the darkness of this journey… she just got a 104 on an English test and holds straight A’s ~ wow, just WOW… brings tears to my eyes!  ♥  I’m so proud of you, Faith!!!  I know how hard you have worked, even in the midst of illness, to complete your assignments.

Thank you, Lord… for restoring enough of her for this!  🙂  Praying she continues to heal/recover… ♥

Amazing love!!

Yesterday, I posted that Faith did not have an episode when she got home from visitation with my ex (her dad), as she usually does.
Today, I learned that friends of ours spent yesterday in fasting and prayer focused on Faith.
Oh Lord, how amazing your love is!
I know so many of you pray for my precious daughter. We are repeatedly humbled by your love and caring for her… I have always known that we are in God’s loving hands and that He will carry us through this … I also believe He will use it for good in some way.
To believe this is one thing… for God to reveal Himself is another, even more powerful testament to His incredible attention to the smallest details of our lives, His almighty power and His unfailing love!
“Where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there among them.”
Matthew 18:20
Thank you, each of you for your love, prayers and concern for Faith… we are deeply thankful.

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