Food Fun!

Food Fun!

Please feel free to share these food pics, as long as you credit and link back to my blog page where you found the food pic.

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Hollow bell of Trombone cake
with removable large and small mouthpieces at far, right end
Hollow bell of trombone cake
Trombone cake 2012
Front view of husband's 2012 birthday cake
Strawberry Cake
Hope & Faith - celebrating birthdays together
Easter Cross Cake 2011
Creamy Parmesan Shrimp and Okra
Orange Cream pastry, sliced open
Chocolate “Lasagna” Cake
Wedding Reception cake
Easter Cross Cake 2010
Side view of iPod Birthday cake 2010
Steelhead Trout
Corned Beef Brisket, Cabbage & Carrots
Glazed Roasted Duck a l’Orange
Coconut Macaroons
Lemon Ginger Shrimp & Scallops over Wilted Spinach

No improvement … more aggressive treatment

If you’ve been to my About PANDAS/PITAND & Links page, you’re aware that Major Depression is a symptom in approximately 36 % of cases.  In Faith’s case, this has reached an urgent level as she is having disturbing thoughts.  We discussed it at length yesterday with her counselor and are ensuring her safety.  Her medical doctors are aware.

We met with her Pediatrician this morning, who ran yet another strep test… which was yet again – positive – even on a strong dose of oral antibiotics twice daily.  😦 This means that the antibodies are still active due to the recurrent strep throat infections and that the antibodies continue to attack the basal ganglia in her brain…. for over a year now.

He ordered antibiotics via Intravenous infusion for 14 days.

After FOUR needles sticks (not her nurses fault or hers… nurse is skilled and Faith has good veins – we think the catheters are defective), we achieved an access!  Four nurses in the room working on it… counting Momma RN, me.  The staff nurses were great and Faith was soooo patient and calm – I was so proud of her!!!  The infusion ran fine.

We are due at children’s hospital first thing in the morning for PICC line placement.  Her nurse established daily infusions of the antibiotic for her.  Our doctors are consulting about her next high dose IVIG infusion.

The troubling thoughts continue at this point… we hope that in eradicating the strep infections and arresting the auto-immune process, we’ll be able to finally stop the relentless attacks by the antibodies in the basal ganglia region of her brain.

We *KNOW* that we are in God’s loving hands.  We *KNOW* that He *WILL* heal her in His time and we rely on Him.  In appreciation of your prayers, love and support…

Strep throat and another trip for IVIG infusions

I am sick with strep throat.  Faith is not feeling well either and thinks she has it too… entirely possible.  We leave first thing in the morning to fly to the infusion center for her next 2 day IVIG infusion… please pray for us; the last few days have been difficult and I’m concerned about how this trip will go for us; we are entirely in God’s hands.  Thank you!

Strep… a new project and dietary changes

I have strep throat again myself (4th time in five months for me – many, many more times for Faith).

We will be traveling to her CT immunologist again this week for another IVIG infusion for her, which will be done over a two day period. The infusion center is very nice and quite comfortable for the children. The nurses are absolutely wonderful with them; we are so thankful!! Faith must be well hydrated before, during and after these infusions, to minimize side effects of the IVIG… that part can be quite challenging when she has a sore throat… which she often does due to the strep throat and she does right now.

I’m going to be collaborating with other health care providers (I’m an RN, for those of you who do not know) on a project in which we will gather a ‘snapshot’ view of PANDAS patients to better educate our peers and help improve care for our children with PANDAS. I’m looking forward to making more headway in that area.

I am also researching dietary support for her immune system and will be making more changes to her diet… likely wheat gluten and casein free… this one will involve more work than what I’ve already done for her (eliminating dyes, caffeine, sugars and reducing carbs while increasing protein… and no pre-prepared or processed foods), but I hope will be well worth it as I know a lot of PANDAS moms have found very good success in reducing symptoms.

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