PANDAS / PITAND families ROCK ~ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

The PANDAS/PITAND Awareness Ribbon is currently being modified.

It will be updated soon.

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Thanks for your interest 😀

PANDAS Families ROCK! Happy Valentine’s Day weekend to all the PANDAS / PITAND families out there, fighting this fight with love for our children!

Yesterday, while I was researching places to have the image of the PANDAS PITAND Awareness Ribbons printed, Faith suggested that we also set up green silly bands for PANDAS kids to wear.  Great idea!!

Today, when I mentioned to Dan that I wanted to get that done over the next couple of days, he suggested that I make tracts that could be distributed when someone asks about the PANDAS PITAND Awareness Ribbons that they see on buttons, magnets, apparel, bumper stickers, etc… Great idea!!

In fact… kids could hand out one and so could the adults… yes, he said, we could even have two versions of the tract – one for kids and another for adults.  LOVE IT!!!

Faith also suggested that we have panda bears made wearing a PANDAS/PITAND Awareness Ribbon shirt… for the younger children with PANDAS/PITAND.  I love all the ideas to help raise awareness and funds for research!

See… PANDAS families ROCK!!!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day weekend… going to spend some time with my loves.  I hope everyone has a good weekend!!  😀 

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