State academic tests

As of today, Faith has completed all of her state testing for 7th grade. Although she missed an enormous amount of content this year due to hospitalizations, IVIG infusions, medical appointments, etc as she battles PANDAS, we have worked very hard for her to learn the content, even as she missed about half the year. Thankfully, God has blessed Faith with a strong desire to learn & succeed and she’s worked very hard to master the material.

Thank you for all your prayers for her; they’re deeply appreciated! She passed proficient in all subjects, and even passed advanced in English… stunning, given how far behind she was. God is so good!!! Eighth grade, here we come!!! Faith is glad to have this year completed & behind her… we hope to give her some hard earned down time soon. Take that, PANDAS! You will never have her!

She is continuing to have severe headaches following her IVIG infusions. This one has lasted three weeks… constant pain rated at 8-10. We see her PANDAS specialist Thursday; please pray for wisdom and guidance for her entire medical team and us, as we seek solutions to regain health and reduce these side effects. NIMH indicates that once a child has had three exacerbations, PANDAS-PITAND becomes chronic. This year has been her third. We continue to trust that we are in God’s hands, as we seek any and all solutions to reclaim her health.

I also now have a teenager, but we’ve been too busy to post about that. I’ll try to update & posts pics soon.


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