IVIG infusion # 10… part one of three

Very long day.. Infusion is done for today… left the hospital around 11:30 pm; we are in our room to sleep now.

Please pray for restful sleep for both of us and for things to go smoothly the rest of the week, as well as endurance for the long days. Please also pray for continued healing for Faith … today was especially difficult with a lot of PANDAS symptoms of anxiety, emotional liability (sad & teary, with no idea why) and difficulty processing academically. It took several hours to start the IV.

We go back first thing Weds & Thurs mornings for part two and three of this infusion.

Please also pray that she will be able to complete her schoolwork in preparation for the state tests she must take, starting next week. TIA!


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  1. teechamp
    May 16, 2012 @ 08:55:11

    Good luck. This is scary stuff. We see a lot of sleeplessness, anxiety, OCD and agression after an infusion. Also very little endurance. We do home infusions and that seems to work well for my son who has huge anxiety about leaving the house. Let us know how things go.


    • PANDAS - PITAND ~ Mom to My Hero
      May 16, 2012 @ 18:10:51

      Thanks! It is a scary journey, so often and we walk day by day on faith. We haven’t seen aggression in well over a year and I’m so thankful as it was such a departure from her personality that it troubled her deeply. Her headache started climbing, but I asked them to cut back the rate and it dropped back down… PTL!!!
      Once we get these side effects under control, we might go back to home infusions also.


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