Lone Star Tick & End of School year

Female Lone Star Tick

Female Lone Star Tick

Faith found this on her shoulder Sunday evening.  We think she got it while walking the dog and chatting with some neighborhood kids earlier that day.  While it’s a fairly low chance that she contracted any of the tick borne diseases (this one also carries S.T.A.R.I., which stands for Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness), neither her Pediatrician nor I were comfortable with not treating it.  Tick borne illnesses are known infectious triggers of PANDAS-PITAND illnesses and with her history, it’s not a good risk to take.  We’re treating with a few weeks of antibiotics.

Please keep her in prayer as she is also wrapping up the last few weeks of school after being quite ill this year and missing a great deal of content.  She’ll take our state-mandated tests, starting in two weeks and administration has determined this is what will determine her passing 7th grade.

We’re looking into home-school for next year, in hopes of keeping her healthier, allowing her brain time to heal from the last few years of onslaught from her immune system and improving her time for both academic and social focus.



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  1. PJ
    May 09, 2012 @ 20:24:10

    I was just thinking about your daughter today. I was wondering if she had been tested for Lyme and pneumonia antibodies since it might impact the antibiotic that is used. Has she had an Iga test too?


    • PANDAS - PITAND ~ Mom to My Hero
      May 09, 2012 @ 20:48:51

      Hi PJ! Oh yes, she’s been tested multiple times for all known infectious triggers, as well as immunology. She does have an immune deficiency, which is why she received IVIG infusions every 28 days. They take a few days to run each month. We’re following those carefully and yes, she is IgA deficient also; however, it’s not severe. We’re watching it. Thanks for thinking of us and posting!


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