Sick girl tonight … prayers please

Sick girl… again… still… I’m getting confused.
Apparently, had a reaction to the IVIG (# seven – high dose) 2 weeks ago that seems to have negated the + effects of the infusion.  Ironically, this infusion ran the best of all 6 before it… and it is the first time she has had a reaction like this afterward.  We usually see such great benefits and healing from the IVIG’s.  After day 2 of the infusion, she had a severe headache, vomiting and fever.  We’re working with her doctors to prevent that with the one she will have in 2 weeks and we see her PANDAS Neurologist on Friday… praying hard that this next one helps her as she’s been struggling with her health a great deal recently.
She did get a little bit of schoolwork done today in History, so I’m thankful for that as it can be very challenging to process academics when one’s immune system is attacking their brain.
Tonight, she vomited several times again.  It’s been a challenging day.  She’s so exhausted and really misses her life.  It’s rare she is able to leave the house, see friends or do anything “fun”… it’s a tough situation for a 12 year old who’s been at this for over three years now.  Hard for a mom to watch, too.
Lord, I trust you carry us through everything and I *know* you have a plan in all of this… please heal my child as you direct our steps. ♥

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