An open letter to bullies

Faith wrote the following – please share with others.  GREAT job, Faith – I am SO proud of you for taking a stand for what is right!


Dear Bullies,

I don’t need what’s popular to know what’s right or wrong. And you shouldn’t either. When you bully people, it is hurtful. It may be popular, but it shouldn’t be and the way to change that starts with someone doing something not popular. Think of it like this, if you would not like someone doing that to you than they do not like it either. Life is not about popularity. Doing something not popular might make you unpopular for a week, and then people will forget about it. If being popular is all that matters to you, then you are not a very good friend. So next time you want to bully someone, say something nice and kind instead.

Please re-post. Thank you!!!


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