Home – infusion # 6

We returned home from my nephew’s wedding and my Granny’s memorial service this weekend and Faith had part two of infusion # 6 today.  She has about a week left on this 14 day course of Rocephin (following 2 weeks of Clindamycin), but her throat remains red and sore and she says she still feels “streppy”.  We have another appointment with a specialist this week, who is considering plasma exchange in her case as we are no longer seeing the dramatic improvements with the high dosage ivig infusions that we did in the beginning … and we’re having so much trouble eradicating the strep throat – that is another piece of the puzzle we need to resolve.

We woke this morning to a bit of a flood in the kitchen.  A broken pipe for the downstairs AC was dripping (mmm… perhaps dripping is not the best word… flowing, yes that is closer) inside the kitchen exterior wall, soaking all the wood and insulation in the wall as well as the wall itself, the subfloor wood and we’re not yet sure what else.  Fortunately, a plumber arrived fairly quickly and was able to go fetch the appropriate elbow joint to repair the pipe.

The insurance company’s restoration service is here now and working on ripping out walls & floors – the kitchen floor and family room carpet will have to be replaced as well as some personal effects sitting in that area.  Looks like we may lose functionality of our kitchen for a while.  But… even as overwhelming as the shock of the water everywhere, the damaged flooring and walls, the unbelievable mess… we are blessed that insurance will cover all but our deductible.  So, we’ll take this with the rest… one day at a time, trusting God will work everything according to His plan.

And… gosh… we sure do hope for a break and a vacation soon!  Whew!


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  1. Samantha
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 17:36:23

    Although, I haven’t commented much, I’ve been reading your posts and have kept you in our family prayers. In following your story, not only have I become enriched, but blessed!




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