Scholastic success!!!

Even as Faith continues to struggle with a wide array of symptoms due to her recurrent strep throat infections and PANDAS, as well as enduring heavy antibiotics and IVIG infusions, she works very hard to rise above these challenges and remain on track with her schoolwork.

She has completed most of her required schoolwork for this school year.  She still needs to complete a research paper for English and take some practice SOL’s to determine mastery of the material; however, she’s pressing through even with daily obstacles.

Her grades are as follows:

English                                             A+  (97.3)
Math 7 for 6th grade                      A+  (100)
History                                             A+ (100)
Science                                             We are awaiting final results for this class, but looks like she’ll wind up with a B.

Additionally, she has been accepted into the Advanced English class for next school year.  This places her in advanced Math and advanced English, which will be important courses as she enters and progresses through high school.

This school year has not been without cost for her.  It has not been without pain.  It has not been without hospitalizations.  It has not been without several 911 trips to the Emergency room.  It has not been without worry, doubt and fear… for all of us. Meltdowns too.

Would you indulge a mother swelling with pride for just a moment?  Faith has worked very hard in the face of extremely challenging situations.  She has persevered.  I am proud of her.  😀  Actually, I’m always proud of her, because she is mine.  I’m so impressed today at what she has accomplished.  I know at what cost she achieved this. 

Way to go, kiddo!!! 

… and, I know who carried her through this, too.

God remains in complete control of everything – He is always faithful, always powerful, always present and has carried us through this entire ordeal, as I know He will continue to do as we continue to seek healing for her.  We are not there yet and will continue to explore/pursue aggressive treatment over the summer as we remain locked in battle for wellness for her.

We also know that your love, prayers and support have played a role in helping her successfully complete this school year.

You may be familiar with the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I cannot close this post without huge thanks to all her teachers, who have been incredibly supportive this entire year.  A special thank you to her Homebound Ed teacher, who has patiently guided her through as he met with her once or twice weekly these last several months.  Our only regret is that she was unable to be *in* school this school year, with such an excellent faculty.

Thank you, each of you, for your part in her success.  Faith, I am deeply proud of you; I know you will accomplish great things… you already are!  ♥


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sonia
    May 24, 2011 @ 22:43:24

    YEAH!!!! How wonderful! I’m so proud of you!!!


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