Difficult week

We’ve seen some positives this week in Faith’s ability to complete her schoolwork and she has had a few days of good accomplishment. However, our hearts are heavy with the loss of two wonderful people who were close to our hearts.

Thursday morning, Denise’s dad called to tell her that his Mama (her Granny) had passed.  She was 93 years.  This photo was taken in 1999, the year that Faith was born.

Granny, 1999

Denise, Faith & Granny, circa 2001

Some of Denise’s fondest memories of her childhood involve being at Granny’s country home, across from a levee of the Mississippi River, where her Pa-Paw was a riverboat captain for many years.  Widowed young, she spent many years of her life caring for Denise’s aunt and was very committed to raising awareness and care for patients with Cerebral Palsy.  Granny was an amazing, spunky, spiritual woman with a quick wit; she was deeply loved and admired by her family.  Denise admired her very much and at an early age, they connected with a shared faith, Granny nurturing Denise’s as she was always open to discussing philosophical questions of life that a young girl might have.  Memories include Granny’s warm eggnog with whipped egg whites, granny smith apples, fresh figs, pecan pie, fragrant roses and books galore to read at leisure … and who can forget the huge pecan tree in her front yard where she had a tire hung for us grand-kids to swing – such fun!  One Christmas, when Denise sent homemade fudge, Granny wrote back that she had to hide it (from herself) in the freezer; but, she found it thaws nicely in the mouth.  😉


The following morning, a friend contacted Denise to tell us that another mutual friend had passed unexpectedly the same day.

Gary & Sandi

Gary was a wonderful man and especially good friend to Dan.  They met at Dan’s house in a weekly breakfast bible study together for about a year, several years ago.  Gary was a kind, wonderful man with a compassionate heart and quick smile, who was very committed to his volunteer work with Recovery for the City. He and his precious wife, Sandi, were married over 31 years.


As you might imagine, we’re a bit numb right now.  We appreciate your prayers for us; but especially for Gary’s wife, Sandi during this difficult time.



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