PANDAS – PITAND Awareness & Research Support website!

I’ve been remiss in posting update on Faith’s condition.  Briefly, she is still struggling.  She is taking stronger antibiotics and has a higher dosage for her IVIG now.  We are not seeing the improvements we saw just after IVIG the first few times now and her doctors are discussing the possibility of plasmapheresis, which is a process of filtering out the harmful antibodies over a period of several days.  Our understanding is this would have to be followed with another IVIG infusion to supply her with helpful antibodies. She’s not been feeling very well the last several days.

When I am able, I’ve been working on the launch of a website that focuses solely on PANDAS – PITAND Awareness and Research Support and features items with the Awareness Ribbon.  Proceeds from funds raised through this venture go to support Dr. Madeleine Cunningham’s PANDAS research.  Dr. Cunningham is currently working with Dr. Sue Swedo (NIMH) and Dr. James Leckman (Yale) on an IVIG study for kids with PANDAS.  The study will likely take about 5 years to complete.

Please take a moment to visit the new website/store:  P.A.N.D.A.S. – P.I.T.A.N.D. Awareness & Research Support

Thank you!


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