Ehrlichiosis & Lyme Disease

So, our Ped called me first thing this morning… from home.

He wanted to know about the Ehrlichia/Lyme info.  I had questions about how she could have Ehrlicia and not Lyme Disease if it is a co-infection of LD.  He said he just doesn’t know if she might have LD too … yeah, me either.  He said with these diseases, it is possible to never see the tick on the child since they drop off within about 48 hours.  Thus, she could certainly have been bitten by one and we simply did not see it.

We both wondered if since she has an immune deficiency and even with over a year of confirmed strep, ASO & DNASE never rise… perhaps she can’t elevate LD titers to show that either.  Also discussed that if she does have Lyme, if that could be binding with the strep and preventing her fully clearing these strep throat infections.

Sending us to an ID at MCV for now and also said Yale is the best place (does this mean yet another trip to CT?) for Yale doctors; he knows someone who had LD, lived up there and might have some helpful info – said he’d ask him for me.

He wants to hold on pulling the PICC line and see her in his office end of next week. Expressed concern over her thoughts of self-harm/suicide and discussed the Tegretol she takes for migraines… we’re dropping it a little to see if that helps.

I had to know… I asked him about the prognosis for a child who has chronic infections such as these and if we’d ever get her back to baseline.  He assured me that he thought we would.

Thank you Lord for this angel in the darkness of this ongoing fight.  Dan and I were wondering after his call this morning: How does one thank such a concerned Ped who is so committed to helping their child? ♥


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