Thursday, Feb 3

Today was a little better than last night… so far, at least.  She slept until well after noon, but was pale most of the day.

She did great for home-bound instruction today.  Her teacher noticed her handwriting was very legible.  That was interesting to me as it can vary so much with this… such a sawtooth presentation.

After dinner this evening, she had some periods of separation anxiety where she ‘had’ to be not only right there with me, but also have her arms wrapped tightly around me… this is often how that presents.  It lasted for about 1/2 hour this time, so not too bad, given the history.

She seems wound up and moody this evening… hoping she will be able to rest well this evening as she did not even get a nap today, so I know she is exhausted…. Mommy is too.

Last night, I withdrew from the class I had registered for this semester.  After talking with Dan, I accepted (reluctantly) that I simply do not have enough spare time to be able to devote to it until she is doing better… her health is most important.


Well… I spoke too soon… kind of had a feeling… there are signs that are difficult to articulate when one is brewing.  If only I knew a way to prevent one.  The worst of this one lasted for about 45 min – up from the 20 min one last night, which is up from about 10 min they were lasting the last few days.  It’s definitely getting worse.  It was followed by thrashing for about a minute, then limp, as is often the pattern.  Next came the hallucinations, so we’re giving her some space right now and I’m trying to regain some sense of calm.

I *KNOW* we are in God’s hands in this.  Dear Lord, please help me to stand in confidence of that every moment!  ♥


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  1. Karen South
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 21:03:01

    I can well imagine how exhausted all of you are at this point Denise. I think that is a very wise decision with not taking the class you had signed up for. My worry is, that it would be too physically and mentally exhausting to you at this stage of Faith’s treatment. I worry so about you, as well as her. I know what it is like to have a severely ill child. My youngest Son Sean, had Bacterial Meningitis when he was only 9 months old. We nearly lost him, but through many prayers and God’s miraculous healing, he made it though. Even when the Dr.’s at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, had told us he wouldn’t live through the night, and to say our good-byes. Being a Mother….I refused to believe that, and prayed to God to please, heal my baby. To their astonishment, that was the turning point, the evening they told us he would most likely pass. Our God is a magnificent God….and he does hear our prayers!
    Continuing to pray daily for strength and healing for Faith, and all of your family. thinking of you with much love.


  2. mom2myhero
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 22:35:30

    Yes, I guess I was kind of dreaming she would be well enough by now… guess it’s not in God’s plan at this time.

    I know another case where the parents were told to tell their son goodbye. Mom refused and prayed over him and encouraged him to hold on through the night. He’s been in remission for childhood leukemia (diagnosed as a toddler) for years and recently married. :~) ♥


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